Benijofar comes from the Arabic word "Ya’far" (name that belonged to an Arab tribe with the meaning of "Children of the Pearl") and the prefix “Beni”, meaning son of. It is located in the south of the province of Alicante and on the right banks the last sections of the Segura River, part of the area known as Vega Baja del Segura. Its neighbouring municipalities are: Formentera del Segura, Rojales, Algorfa and Los Montesinos.
With enviable natural surroundings, mild temperatures throughout the year, clear skies, pleasant landscapes, perfect communications with neighbouring towns and with good connections to Alicante - Elche airport and Albatera - Catral train station, Benijofar makes for a great touristic attraction as well as an idyllic place to live in.
The amazing cultural richness of the place is promoted among the inhabitants of the town with Multicultural Gastronomic Days, Tapas Route, Trade Fairs and Crafts, Editions of Commercial, Gastronomic and Tourist Guides, Tourist Routes, Promotion of the Patron Saint Festivities and sports Championships.
As for main places to visit, Benijofar has a great variety, among which the Ferris wheel, the church and, the local pearl, La huerta (the garden).
La huerta
The garden is the traditional cultivation area of the Vega Baja region. Its characteristic landscape formed by terraces and rural roads constitutes a socio-economic and environmental cultural value that makes it a landmark of Benijofar. The town is committed to preserving this heritage value, offering visitors the possibility of enjoying the mosaic of shapes and colours that make up the different types of crops, among which citrus fruits predominate, but where fruits and vegetables of all kinds abound.
The Church of Santiago Apóstol
The church is the most representative building of the municipality and considered a fundamental piece of the history and culture of Benijofar. It is of recent construction, although it had a beautiful temple in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, mostly destroyed by the 1829 earthquake.
The Arab Ferris Wheel
The Ferris wheel, located in a meander on the outskirts of the urban nucleus, on the right bank of the Segura River, forming part of the hydraulic complex, is the symbol of the town. It is listed as a property of cultural interest by the local government for its historical - artistic, architectural and hydrological character.
Canada Marsá
This urban park connects the two towns of Benijofar and Benimar. It is designed so that its 125,000 m2 have sensory gardens, lakes, vegetation areas with native species and places for sport and leisure such as a sports circuit, bicycle tracks, exercise area and an open-air theatre.
The park is an environmentally friendly place where green areas and clean energies, such as solar, are promoted, for providing the leisure areas with its energy requirements. 
The Segura River
The Segura River is a fundamental element in the entire Vega Baja region, since for centuries it has shaped not only the landscape that bathes its waters, but also the way of life of the towns that are in its path, becoming the food source of the garden and, therefore, the base of the economy and culture of the population. This river, with a basin of 18,651 km2 and 325 kilometres in length, dedicates part of its final section to irrigate the cultivated land of Benijofar, creating on its way a river ecosystem very rich in biodiversity, despite the fact that the species have had to adapt to the irregularity of its flow.
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