Guardamar Del Segura

Also simply known as Guardamar, this coastal city with 11 km of fine sandy beaches is a municipality in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community. Located on the southeast coast of the province, it is part of the Vega Baja del Segura region and it is on its territory that Segura River meets the sea, after being born in the Sierra de Segura and travelling 325 km passing through the municipalities of Jaén, Albacete, the Region of Murcia and Alicante. It is a Municipality fully dedicated to tourism that has numerous hotels and campsites that welcome thousands of visitors. The Population multiplies by five in the summer season making it a perfect vacation spot.
It is the southernmost municipality where the Valencian dialect is spoken. This language has co-official rank next to Spanish, in the municipality, and is therefore used by the local administration. Guardamar constitutes a linguistic island surrounded by nearby populations of Castellano linguistic predominance.
The first of its wonderful features that should be mentioned is the local pine forest (La Pinada de Guardamar). The forest was planted at the beginning of the 20th century to slow down the advance of the coastal mobile dunes, which until then invaded the surrounding cultivation fields. The pine forest, currently divided into two parks called Parque de Alfonso XIII and Parque Reina Sofía, stretches between the city centre and the beaches of Babilonia and Los Viveros. The planting of the forest has created a yearly celebration, the tree festival, in which plantations have been held in the pine forest since 1902. Originally reserved for schoolchildren supervised by the town's teacher, it survives today with the support of the Guardamar City Council. It is celebrated on January 31 of each year. Also, traditionally, the pine forest is where families from the town go to spend the Easter Monday day. 
Guardamar is one of the most beautiful coasts in Spain, with its endless fine sandy beaches and the famous sand dunes that are located in an area of special protection and conservation.  
With one of the lowest yearly rainfall in Europe and Mediterranean temperatures ranging from an average of 17 degrees in January to 29 degrees in August, the town has been chosen by numerous sports teams, both Spanish and northern and eastern Europe, as the ideal spot for training. 
Some of the places in Guardamar del Segura that are a must see include: 
The Museum House Ingeniero Mira
It is dedicated to the figure of the illustrious engineer Francisco Mira, a mountain engineer who came to Guardamar in 1896 to coordinate and oversee a vast reforestation program in the dunes in order to stabilize them, a task to which he devoted the following 28 years.
The Archaeological Museum of Guardamar
It is located in the House of Culture. Highlights include a replica of the Iberian bust of the "Lady of Guardamar" (4th century BC) and examples of Phoenician, Iberian, Islamic and lower medieval cultures.
The Castle
The walled citadel that housed the old town of Guardamar is located on the hill known as El Castell until it was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1829. From this location you can see a wide panoramic view of the region and the Mediterranean Sea.
If you want to learn more about the history of Guardamar there’s no better way of doing it than coming over for a holiday. You will most definitely fall in love with the place!
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