Life in Costa Blanca

Spain is, without a doubt, the most attractive country to all other Europeans. The wonderful weather, spectacular nature and accessible prices are some of the perks that make it so and they are not likely to change any time soon. Being the big country that it is, it offers many different attractions, such that a wide array of tastes and preferences can find satisfaction. We have opted for the Costa Blanca South area and we have a few arguments as to why.
Amazing cultural diversity
Spain has an outstanding multicultural heritage, due to the coming together of historically different entities. As a result there are three national languages within the Spanish cultural universe: Basque, Catalan and Gallego.
This amazing cultural diversity is expressed in all areas of Spanish social life, more precisely in the variety of fiestas or festivals around the country. Each village, town and city has its own monthly schedule of saints’ days and feast days, and locals are always open to sharing their traditions with visitors. 
Family life
The notion of family is truly the nucleus of the Spanish way of life. It is a very common occurrence, in Spain, to walk into a restaurant or bar and see entire families sitting together, day or night. Whether you are in a major city or a rural village, Spanish social traditions provide special attention for children. This excellent treatment also extends to the rest of the family. If you consider family to be the most important aspect of your life you will feel right at home within the Spanish culture.
Pace of life
Spain is widely recognized as the “inventor” of the siesta, and even though it is no longer the very common practice it used to be, the concept is still representative of the country, since the Spaniards have a very relaxed approach to life. Big gatherings of families and friends are the preferred pass time of the locals, and the annual fiestas are only one of the many occasions they do so. 
The World Health Organization has placed the Spanish healthcare system among the top 10 in the world. Hospitals and walk-in clinics are well-equipped and very clean and the well-trained and professional medical staff will even attend you in English.
Beautiful nature
While arguably every country of the world has some natural resources to brag about, Spain has a truly diverse offer: lakes, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, forests, valleys, cliffs and, of course, plenty amazing beaches. It is no surprise that it’s being visited by an estimated 40 million tourists every year. The Costa Blanca has got its main attraction right in the name, a beautiful, impressive coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.
Great weather
There isn’t much agreement about any aspects regarding human existence, but it is doubtful you will find many people disagreeing with the fact that living in a warm and sunny climate has a positive impact on one’s health and general state of mind. 
With over 300 sunny days a year, the Costa Blanca sounds like a little piece of heaven especially to those coming from bleak and wet climates. 
Outdoor activities
With the Spanish sunshine and the warm climate, you can indulge in your favorite outdoor activity all year round. Wherever you go, be it on the continental Spain or any of its islands, there is a wide range of specialized packages, companies, and guides to choose from in order to enjoy outdoor practices of a vast variety. You can go golfing, walking, running, cycling, hiking, sailing, try paddling around at the beach, or, in the winter, you can go skiing in the Sierra Nevadas in the south, or the Pyrenees in the north.
The Costa Blanca in particular is very well connected with central European countries and Great Britain. The airports of Valencia, Alicante and Murcia are the major international airports in the area and offer daily flights from and to a large number of different European cities.
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