The town of Rojales, in the province of Alicante, is a traditional agricultural municipality crossed by the Segura River on its last journey before ending in the Mediterranean. It is a town with a strong traditional Mediterranean culture that preserves all its enchanting charm, while also being the second Spanish municipality with the highest percentage of foreigners, who constitute 71.75% of the registered population. As a result, English is the most widely spoken language in the municipality.
The wealth of cultural heritage of this unique place has led to the creation of a series of museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Huerta Museum, or Easter and Ecomuseums to conserve, promote and display all the knowledge to visitors and neighbours.
Rojales is most famous for its several neighbourhoods of cave houses located in the southern part of the town and form one of the most unique old towns in the Valencian Community.
Here are some of the must see places in Rojales:
The Eco-Museum of the Underground Habitat
It is a popular underground architectural ensemble of great ethnological and cultural importance. These are caves located on the flanks of several hills that delimit the urban area from the south. The Eco-Museum consists of handicraft workshops and exhibition halls surrounded by gardens and leisure areas. Most of these caves and cave houses were excavated between the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.
Gasparito’s Reservoirs
Built in 1922 in the Molino Hill, the Aljibes de Gasparito is an hydraulic system that collects rainwater through two open channels (more than 1km long each), which line its eastern and western slopes. The water is conducted, downhill, to the underground reservoirs excavated in the forest. Visiting the Gasparito reservoirs is like being taken back in time, into a simpler and very different world, and getting a glimpse into what life must have been like then.
The Windmill 
Built in the 18th century, it is one of the most interesting buildings in Rojales' pre-industrial architecture. Its traditional façade and the natural environment that frames it, on a small hill to better take advantage of the force of the wind, form a unique image that takes the visitor back to the times when their blades rotated with the wind to grind the grain and obtain the flour that supplied the entire town. The interior is divided into the ground floor or silo that served as a warehouse, the first floor where the flour cleaning was done and the second floor where the wheat cleaning was done before grinding it and the rest of the machinery.
Hydraulic Monumental Complex
Built in the 16th Century the dam constitutes a landscape and urban landmark of singular importance in the region. It is made up of a series of historical-artistic monuments. It has a circular crown that raises the level of the river so as to divert its water towards the sluices of main irrigation channels and the Waterwheel of Rojales. The Waterwheel, “La Bernada”, was fortified with a stone structure to protect it from damages caused by the rise in water level.
This complex mechanism of hydraulic engineering is used to regulate the water flow that irrigates the large arable surface of the Huerta of Rojales and Guardama and have been classified by writers and historians as the “Balcony-viewpoint” or “Cultural historical enclave”.
The Carlos III Bridge
This bridge can be thought of as the symbolic representation of Rojales. The panoramic view of the bridge with its magnificent pillars across the Segura River, resembling the feet of a giant, is the one image that says Rojales. Its construction, dating from the eighteenth century, meant breaking the natural separation imposed by the river and establishing, through its three large eyes under arched vaults, the union of the two halves of the municipality. The bridge is one of the most significant elements of the architectural composition of the municipality.
These are only a few of the experiences that wait for you in Rojales. You don’t have to go by what we’re saying, just come and see it for yourself!
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